Happy New Year 2022!

Interview with a Taxi Driver

We recently had the opportunity to have a short conversation with a customer of ours, Rajesh (Raj) who is a taxi driver from Western Sydney. Upon purchasing one of our dashcams (Taxi Dashcam) for his car, we later followed up with Raj to speak to him about his line of work and how this product has helped him. Here is a transcript of our conversation! 🙂

Dashcams Direct (DD): Hi Raj, thanks for taking the time to speak with us! Can you tell us a little more about you and what you do for work?
Raj (R): Yes, my name Raj I am Taxi driver and live in Bankstown, Sydney.

DD: How long have you been driving?
R: I have been driving taxi for 2 years now, and actually I am doing my Masters in I.T part time.

DD: What do you enjoy most and least about your job?
R: I enjoy meeting new different people… and not enjoy working long late hours *laughs*

Uber Dashcam Australia

DD: Have you ever been in a car accident or a near-miss incident?
R: No car accidents, but yes some situation where I nearly have car crash.

DD: Have you ever have encountered any dangerous situations or inappropriate behaviour from passengers you’ve driven?
R: Yes, it is sometime not safe. Especially Friday or Saturday night pickup people from the city. You know young people get drunk, they swearing, throw things out of the window.. but you know have no choice. Sometime too, people don’t pay, run off and we lose money for nothing. But it is hard for police to do anything, because you call and they give you report number. Have no evidence to find these people. It gets very hard.

DD: Now you purchased our Taxi and Uber Dashcam do you find this is beneficial?
R: Yes because before alot of people not pay and do inappropriate things in the car, now when they get into the taxi they see the camera. I think this makes them think carefully because the camera is actually recording them, and maybe they know not to try anything or do any crime.

DD: Has the dashcam helped you in any situations to date?
R: Yes, since having dashcam, all the passenger have pay me *laughs* But lucky, no problems because now with camera I know I have evidence for police or you know, car accident if I do nothing wrong.

DD: Thank you Raj! we appreciate your time speaking with us.
R: thank you, Your welcome.