Where to Mount Dash Camera?

We received some questions from customers pertaining to the installation and positioning of dashcams within the interior of the vehicle. Unlike a portable GPS Unit, affixing the car camera is vital to ensure complete coverage of either the front and / or rear vision is effectively captured. Over time, we’ve come across this subject countless times and without getting into detail.. people have positioned these units in the most bizarre locations!

Depending on the size, shape and design of the dashcam, this will likely dictate where and how they should be affixed or mounted. Generally speaking for most general motor vehicles and as a rule of thumb, we recommend positioning them behind or just below the front rear-view vision mirror. For example, the 4K Dashcam this shape is most popular amongst our customers and for us it is the best design for dashcams. Why? its light, compact, and serves as a strong deterrent to other drivers (as a picture is worth a thousand words… it sends a statement “behave on the roadway”. Alternatively, a horizontal shape like the BlueSkySea B1W Dsahcam gives a more sleek and discreet look.

A basic diagram on how to install the dash cam cables by running the power cigar jack along the interior pillar to give a clean look. Most front facing / single dash cams come with a minimum length of 3-4 metres with the purpose of hiding the cables. Wonder no more! as why the cables are so lengthy!

For best practice, when installing the front camera we suggest using the centre of  the rear-view mirror handle (the one affixed on the windscreen) as a general guidance. Ensure the mounting bracket is facing forward and positioned below this line, that way you will know for certain your dash camera lens is forward and capturing everything in sight. In addition, you should notice full coverage of your front engine bonnet will be recorded when reviewing the footages. Just ensure its not facing up towards the sky capturing planes and birds 🙂

However, as mentioned above there are a number of variations to installing dash cams, and this is purely depending on the style, design and interior make of the vehicle. Truck windscreens for example are more tight and this requires an adjustment comfortable to the driver. We hope you have found this article to be helpful! 🙂

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