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Based in Sydney, New South Wales, DashCams Australia Direct is recognised as the premier and most reputable supplier of dashcams within Australia. We specialise in an assortment of high-quality products ranging from car dash cameras, also known as dashcam or vehicle blackbox recorders, to motorcycle and action sports cameras. We pride ourselves on operating primarily via our trusted online retail store, showcasing only the latest products on the market at highly competitive rates.

Since its inception in 2011, DashCams Direct Australia has cultivated a reputation as Australia’s foremost and highly trusted purveyor of dash camera products. This is substantiated by our ever-growing client base, which extends from satisfied individual users and families to extensive corporate and government organisations. These clients rely on us for their personal vehicle and fleet management needs.
Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by the thousands of gratified customers and the ceaseless stream of encouraging feedback we receive. Further validation of our industry standing is our feature in numerous television programs, such as ‘A Current Affair’ and ‘Today Tonight’, as well as popular talk-back radio shows like ‘2UE’ and ‘2GB’.
It is safe to say that our commendations have escalated dramatically, in parallel with a robust sales trajectory. This underlines our standing as Australia’s trusted authority in the realm of dash camera and high-tech related products.


DashCams Direct holds a esteemed position in the market for consistently delivering superior dash camera products to a wide demographic that ranges from everyday Australians and families, to substantial corporate entities. Leveraging our extensive industry experience and technical proficiency, we offer affordable solutions without compromising on quality. Our collaborative approach has solidified relationships with top-notch global automotive blackbox manufacturers, academic scholars, and road specialists. Our focus is to provide products perfectly tailored for Australia’s unique climate, environment, and road conditions. This strategic alliance allows DashCams Direct the opportunity to introduce a variety of innovative products directly to our valuable customers.


Dash cameras have captured our attention, regularly featured in news bulletins, recording high-speed police pursuits, vehicular collisions, pedestrian incidents and fervent road rage disputes. The likelihood is high that such footage is the result of a purpose-built, in-car dash camera, or dashcam as it is widely known.

This technology carries a multitude of names including Dash Cams, Vehicle Black Box, Car DVR, or In Car Video Recording Systems. Each moniker, however, refers to the same vital tool: a single, dual or multi-channel specialised camera designed for the explicit purpose of documenting visual occurrences within the proximity of your vehicle – even within the vehicle itself with some models.
These captured visual events, along with accompanying internal audio, are recorded and stored onto an SD or MicroSD memory card housed within the device.
These video files can then be accessed through numerous paths such as computer media player software, the dashcam’s proprietary application, or via Wireless Connectivity WiFi to your mobile applications including iPhones and Androids (selected products only), or TV inputs with the use of HDMI or VGA cable. The traditional method of playback via the dashcam’s screen and toggle controls remains an option if the device is equipped with a screen.

DashCams represent the cutting-edge forefront of technology specifically engineered to document events happening outside of your vehicle. The device can be installed using one of two common methods: either a detachable suction type bracket or a tape mount. While the suction brackets offer flexibility and reusability, the tape mount ensures superior stability. However, the tape mounts come with a limitation of being a one-time use device, due to their application on the windscreen.


Whilst operating a motor vehicle, one of the most important reasons to install a dashcam is protect yourself and asset in the event of a motor vehicle collision. A dashcam provides direct irrefutable video evidence in disputing insurance disputes, liability and fraudulent claims. A notable highlight of having a dashcam is the feature of “parking mode” or “motion detection” mode that its capable of capturing events in your absence and when vehicle is parked. These incidents could capture for instance reckless drivers who crash into your vehicle, or people who maliciously cause intentional damage. The parking mode activates upon detecting external movement or impact.
The days of locating reliable witnesses or trying to prove to authorities whose at fault is over. The dashcam is your personal eyewitness and can provide crystal clear evidence at your convenience. Below is a insurance scam video compilation from the past few years demonstrating the importance of how dashcams can protect you from fraudulent insurance scams.

There are also a wide range of positive reasons to install a dashcam. The dashcam can psychologically act as a deterrence and assist with altering individual driver behaviour such as preventing people from committing dangerous driving or committing road related offences. Just like safety-cams affixed at most Sydney metropolitan intersections that aim to discourage drivers from speeding and running the red light; the dashcam is equally pivotal in that respect for reducing road trauma.
Another advantage of having a dash camera is for monitoring learners or young adult drivers when operating a motor vehicle. The dashcam not only encourages learners to drive safetly but adhere by the road rules. In addition, the dashcam is most effective on reviewing driver performance, and allows parents to keep tab on their driving history. Such information that dashcams can also capture include: the speed vehicle was travelling at, the location or path vehicle took and internal audio (to discourage learner drivers from talking on the phone). For the dashcam to capture speed and location details requires a GPS equipped model. And worry no more if you take your vehicle to the local mechanic or lend it to a friend as the dashcam will capture and record the movements, thus giving you a peace of mind.

In this modern day and age, it is a necessity for businesses and corporate organisations who have a range of logistic fleet vehicles to be equipped with a dashcam. Commercial vehicles such taxis, hire cars, courier vans and transport trucks would best benefit with a dash camera system as this allows owners and employers to monitor their employee’s driving activity. By doing so reduces any financial loss, loss of productivity and is basically a solid form of direct evidence against any liability or insurance claims. Also with truck drivers being on the road day and night, and driving across different states, the dashcam can automatically capture the scenic views of beautiful country roads and natural wildlife. With these videos, you can easy share these with friends, family and on social media platforms.


YES. Just like portable GPS navigation systems, Dashcams are very simple, effective devices to use and can be setup straight out of the box! Simply put, the Dashcam first requires a memory card. Secondly, attach the device to the supplied mounting bracket and then affix this within the interior of your vehicle (mainly the windscreen). A power cable then needs to be connected from the dashcam to the vehicle cigarette lighter or 12 volt power outlet. Turn on your vehicle ignition and instantaneously the dashcam will autocratically start recording. When the ignition is turned off, the dashcam will also stop recording. Simple as that!