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Best Dashcam for Uber Drivers

Uber is a global ride-sharing phenomenon taking the world by storm. The service is becoming increasingly popular amongst people who require a fast and cost effective means of private transport. On the flip side, the platform is also gaining momentum for drivers wanting to generate additional or supplementary income. However before venturing on a career path of becoming a professional Uber driver, there are a number of requirements and tools that will benefit you, and one of which relates to insurance and safety is installing a dashcam in the vehicle.

Best Uber Dashcam

Benefits of a Dashcam

Having a dash camera or dashcam installed in your Uber vehicle is an added security and safety measure. First and foremost it is your personal eyewitness and provides irrefutable evidence in the event of a motor vehicle collision or dispute. Evidence as such is compelling and greatly assists in proving your innocence to the police and insurance company… and not to mention will save you on paying the unnecessary excess fees. Within the vehicle, if you are assaulted by a passenger or the passenger alleges you’ve engaged in some misconduct, the video evidence is at hand to prove and disprove any matters.

When Uber rides go wrong! Dashcams do play their part!

Best Uber Dashcam

We’re frequently inundated with calls and emails from professional taxi and uber drivers asking for a dashcam specifically relating to their profession as a professional driver. We have a range of dashcams at different price brackets, however time and time again we often refer our customers to the GS65H Uber Dashcam & Uber Dashcam. These cameras are highly recommended as its not only excellent but was developed to meet the demands and safety needs for professional and commercial drivers.

The cameras are constructed with dual lens – with the front recording whats happening in front of your vehicle, and rear facing camera recording the interior compartment of your vehicle (whats happening inside the vehicle). The dashcam can continuously records events inside and outside of the vehicle if desired. In addition to capturing crisp videos in the daytime, the camera can record in low light conditions with supportive IR Lights (GS65H) therefore the individuals or passengers faces are clearer. Safeguard your career and individual protection with these superior dashcams.

GS65H Dashcam Demo

Here is an example of the GS65H dashcam at work recording both inside and outside of the vehicle. Click the following link to purchase the GS65H Uber Dashcam.