Opinion: Why I Can’t Drive Without a Dashcam

We live in an age where technology offers us unprecedented safety nets in various aspects of life, and for me, one of the non-negotiables when hitting the road is a reliable Dashcam. In an ideal world, we would all abide by the rules of the road and take responsibility for our actions, but experience tells […]

The Eye That Never Blinks: Advantages of a Motorcycle Dashcam for Australian Riders

Whether you’re weaving through urban traffic or cruising along coastal roads, motorcycle riding in Australia offers an unparalleled sense of freedom. However, amid the excitement lies the undeniable reality of road risks. This is where the humble motorcycle dashcam comes in as an indispensable tool for Aussie road users. Today, we delve into the compelling […]

The Future of Dash Cameras: Revolutionising Road Safety in Australia

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, the Dash Camera has emerged as a pivotal tool for motorists, insurance companies, and road users across the globe. With a particular focus on Australia, this expansive nation with varied terrains and robust urban environments, dash cams have transitioned from novel gadgets to indispensable protectors. In this discussion, we […]

Interview with a Taxi Driver

We recently had the opportunity to have a short conversation with a customer of ours, Rajesh (Raj) who is a taxi driver from Western Sydney. Upon purchasing one of our dashcams (Taxi Dashcam) for his car, we later followed up with Raj to speak to him about his line of work and how this product has helped him. […]

Best Dashcam for Uber Drivers

Uber is a global ride-sharing phenomenon taking the world by storm. The service is becoming increasingly popular amongst people who require a fast and cost effective means of private transport. On the flip side, the platform is also gaining momentum for drivers wanting to generate additional or supplementary income. However before venturing on a career […]

Drive Safe during Christmas Holidays

Christmas holidays is one of the most busiest periods across metropolitan and regional areas in Australia. Individuals, friends and families flock onto the highways and major arterial roads to join their friends, family and loved ones for festive celebrations. For this very reason, there is a higher risk of operating a vehicle due to the a number of factors whether […]

Dash Cam Speeding and Camera Fines

With the ever increasing amount of fixed speed/red light cameras and not to mention the mobile speed cameras, chances are you may find yourself receiving one of these letters in the mailbox. An open letter of from Roads and Maritime Services informing you of the driving offence/s that had been committed with consequent loss of […]

Dashcam for UBER Drivers

We have recently been contacted by a number of UBER drivers (über) seeking advice on wanting to know whether a dash camera is required for their everyday driving and business use. The simple answer is YES… buy one. We’re not delivering a sales pitch, but simply voicing our expertise as to why Uber Drivers should consider buying one AND why they should explore its potential […]

Dashcams and Insurance Liability

Recently, I had the pleasure of helping one of our customers select a suitable dashcam for their personal everyday use. This valuable customer turned out to be a claims officer working at a prominent motor vehicle insurance company in Australia.  During our conversation, I queried about the general aspects of motor vehicle claims and what information […]

How to install Dashcam in Vehicle?

If you have recently purchased your first dashcam, or maybe wondering how the camera will be installed in your vehicle, car or truck, you may be pleased to know that installation is rather quick and straight forward. This method is also known as the ‘plug and play’ method whereby the dashcam will use the vehicle’s […]