Dash Cam Speeding and Camera Fines

With the ever increasing amount of fixed speed/red light cameras and not to mention the mobile speed cameras, chances are you may find yourself receiving one of these letters in the mailbox. An open letter of from Roads and Maritime Services informing you of the driving offence/s that had been committed with consequent loss of demerit point/s and monetary fine. This is of course, may happen if you are frequently driving on the roads (just like we all do) and for a number of reasons for example unintentionally forgetting about the school holidays had just finished, or driving through the red light camera due to harsh sun glare exposure. Whatever the reason, it is a good idea to be reminded such enforcements are in place when approaching any fixed or mobile stationary cameras and to especially avoid the costly penalties.

With the introduction of new modern dash cams you can now avoid the loss of demerit points and avoid paying fines by simply being reminded when approaching a set of controlled traffic lights fixed with speed and red light cameras. In addition, we may forget when school zones are enforced or due to a lengthly christmas summer school holiday breaks. Add in the sneaky mobile speed camera vehicles in the mix, all these heighten the risk of you being caught out.

nsw speeding fine