Dashcam for UBER Drivers

We have recently been contacted by a number of UBER drivers (über) seeking advice on wanting to know whether a dash camera is required for their everyday driving and business use. The simple answer is YES… buy one. We’re not delivering a sales pitch, but simply voicing our expertise as to why Uber Drivers should consider buying one AND why they should explore its potential benefits. In this modern day and age with technology continuing to be more easily available and accessible, dash cams are not a product of the past, but the future.

According to the Roads Maritime Services (formally RTA, 2003) more than half of all road related casualties were vehicle drivers with statistics showing 56%. These incidents were as a result of speed, fatigue, drink driving and non-usage of seat belts. So what does this say? well basically human fault was the biggest contributory followed by road and environmental conditions. Whilst human error is unpredictable and hard to avoid, amongst other things, there is a simple reason why Uber drivers should consider a dashcam.

Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

Let us repeat this again, Insurance! this is a no-brainer. A dashcam is your personal eyewitness and provides irrefutable video evidence in the event something goes wrong for example; vehicle collision disputes and attempts at insurance fraud. An insurance fraud on the roadway occurs for instance when a pedestrian jumps in front your vehicle and fakes an injury as a result of your recklessness (happens more frequently in south-east asian countries and developing nations, although this should not be ruled out as incidents as such may occur anywhere and anytime!). Save your time and stress trying to prove you were the innocent party not at fault but rather with a dashcam footage; this is all you need as visual evidence to dispute liability and present to the insurer / insurance company, police and the court of law.

With modern dash cams such as the Transcend Uber Dashcam the automatic and continuous recording captures both video and audio. It is a necessity and safety mechanism to protect against nasty, vicious and deceiving motorists/people. If you a UBER driver or authorised transport driver trying to make ends meet and get involved in such incidents as highlighted above AND have no form of evidence to prove otherwise you were not at fault, then you will find yourself in serious trouble. Investing in a dashcam will help in the long run and believe or not, is tax deductible if used and claim for the course of your business activities.