Dashcams and Insurance Liability

Recently, I had the pleasure of helping one of our customers select a suitable dashcam for their personal everyday use. This valuable customer turned out to be a claims officer working at a prominent motor vehicle insurance company in Australia.  During our conversation, I queried about the general aspects of motor vehicle claims and what information or evidence could better help people succeed in winning their claims in the event they’re locked in a dispute over liability. This is of course, if they firmly believe they’re in the right, and the other party is denying fault. Unfortunately, as some of us may have already experienced, drivers aren’t totally forthcoming in such events.

So what do insurance companies look for when determining who is at fault? Well along with a police report, dashcam evidence (or video footage of the collision) in this case extracted from the memory card of the dashcam goes a long way! have this sent to the insurance company as soon as possible. This DOES infact help them have a better understanding of the situation. In addition, this allows them to make a faster determination on who is in the right or wrong, thus drawing a fairly quick conclusion in regards to general liability. The customer further pointed out although insurance companies won’t necessary ask for such evidence (dashcam), it is certainly most welcoming form of evidence to expedite the decision making process.

I hope this article was somewhat helpful to those who may consider this option when involved in a motor vehicle collision. Written by Matt, Dashcams Direct.