Drive Safe during Christmas Holidays

Christmas holidays is one of the most busiest periods across metropolitan and regional areas in Australia. Individuals, friends and families flock onto the highways and major arterial roads to join their friends, family and loved ones for festive celebrations. For this very reason, there is a higher risk of operating a vehicle due to the a number of factors whether it be self contributory or from third party / other motorists. For the year 2015, ten (10) fatalities were reported in NSW roadways whilst approximately 530 people were injured. In NSW, drink driving alone was the biggest contributory factor amounting to fatal crashes – with an alarming statistic being one in every five motorists. Despite countless warnings, government initiatives promoting advertised commercials and campaigns, it appears people still aren’t deterred from undertaking risky driving.

Don’t Drink and Drive! – Always Have a “Plan B”

Without writing a boring article on what and what not to do, we thought we’d summarise the key points for motorists to keep in mind along with some high impact clips.

Seat Belts

Ensure all passengers are wearing their seatbelts and any children are properly secured in an approved safety restraint. Seatbelts weren’t designed to look pretty but for the protection of everyone in the event there is a motor vehicle collision.

This video highlights the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt!

Micro Sleep

For the sake of yourself, family and other road users… STOP, REVIVE and SURVIVE. If driving and undertaking long road trips, you should stop every two (2) hours for periodic rests. This will allow you eliminate fatigue, relax, remain comfortable throughout the journey.. and more importantly will keep everyone safe. If possible, share the driving with another licenced passenger.

Stop, Revive and Survive – Hidden dangers of Micro Sleep?

Drink Driving

If you plan to consume alcohol, do so responsibly and DO NOT DRIVE! – remember alcohol is the biggest contributory factor to deaths on the roadways. Make sure you have a “Plan B” ? – Find a means of transport to and from your destination either by taxi, public transport (rail, ferries or buses) or finding a driver who hasn’t consumed alcohol.

Powerful commercial highlighting the impact of Drink Driving


Stick to the posted speed limit. DO NOT SPEED! – whilst we all want to go to and from our destination in the least amount of time possible, speeding is not the answer. Speeding is not only reckless, irresponsible and dangerous but outright selfish. Not only are you placing yourself or fellow passengers in danger but are placing other motorists at risk. Don’t forget there are also a range of prevailing road conditions (pot holes, unsealed road surfaces, traffic congestion) and unpredictable weather conditions that can be quite hazedous. The police are also out and abouts enforcing the roads… in addition to speeding, don’t use a mobile or text whilst driving!

Dashcam for Protection

If you already haven’t done so, consider using a dashcam for your long trips. Dashcams are your personal eyewitness and will protect you from unnecessary insurance excesses in the event of a motor vehicle collision dispute. In addition, the camera automatically records continuously capturing every event and moment that is occurring on the roadway. Christmas is a time to unwind from the stresses of work or school for the year, to further celebrate and embark for a brand new year. Keeping the above key points in mind, and getting this message across to other motorists will assist in avoiding dangerous situations. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years – From Dashcams Direct Team 🙂