JYX04 Hardwire Kit Micro-USB


Professional-grade Dash Camera Hardwire Kit, exclusively tailored for the M300 and M300s Dashcams. This indispensable accessory is designed for those who frequently use a Dashcam in their vehicles.
The kit features an innovative ACC detection function, seamlessly connecting your Dashcam directly to your vehicle’s fuse box. This connection ensures uninterrupted power feed from your vehicle’s battery. The M300 Series Dash Cameras are unique in its built-in Super Capacitor feature, which eliminates the need for power packs or batteries. For utilising the Dashcam’s parking mode, a hardwire kit with three wires should be purchased that delivers a current output of 5V/2.5A.

This kit provides an array of protective features including reverse connect, short circuit, overload and overtemperature protections. They have ensured your safety by incorporating a threshold for circuit protection above 130℃, automatically returning to normal when the temperature drops to 90℃.
The kit offers an overall cable length of 3.5 meters and an output connector with a right-angled mini USB plug, delivering DC 5V, 2.5A. It is designed to efficiently work within a temperature range of -20℃ to 90℃.

The Dashcam Hardwire Kit is compatible with 12-24V vehicles and provides a continuous power supply to your Dashcam or any device powered by a Micro USB port. The 24-Hours Parking Mode offered by the M300 Series Dashcam relies on the JYX04 Hard Wire Kit for a continuous power supply, even when the vehicle is turned off. It guarantees detailed recording of any collision or event.

The kit includes a smart low voltage protection system that automatically cuts off power after 60 seconds when the vehicle’s battery voltage drops to 11.8V or 23.6V, ensuring sufficient battery life to restart your vehicle.
With integrated advanced safeguards to protect your devices from excessive current or overheating. The kit’s easy installation offers a clean, wireless aesthetic for your vehicle while freeing up your cigarette lighter for additional devices.