JYX02 Hardwire Kit Mini-USB


Professional-grade Dash Camera Hardwire Kit, exclusively tailored for the 4K GS63H and M550 Dashcams. This indispensable accessory is designed for those who frequently use a Dashcam in their vehicles.

Elevate your vehicular vision with the this Mini-USB Port Hardwire Kit, perfectly tailored only for 4K GS65H and M550 Dashcams. This innovative solution allows seamless integration of your Dashcam into your vehicle, eliminating the dependence on the standard 12V/24V outlet (car cigarette socket) and instead converting 12V-24V to output an optimal 5V/2.5A Max.
The Hardwire Kit’s hallmark feature is its automatic parking mode initiation. The moment your vehicle awakens or starts, the Dashcam powers on and initiates recording. When paired with the parking monitoring function on your Dashcam, you can automatically enter either the time-lapse recording mode or continuous recording mode.

Designed with a sophisticated low voltage protection system, the voltage limiter safeguards your vehicle’s battery from depletion. In the event your car battery falls to the default voltage of 11.8V or 23.6V, it automatically cuts off power, ensuring your car retains sufficient power for subsequent starts. Plus, the hardwire kit offers a variety of voltage protection options tailored to 12V and 24V batteries.

This Hardwire Kit comes fully equipped with all necessary components for easy installation on any vehicle’s fuse box. This ensures your Dashcam has a dedicated power supply. Additionally, it boasts essential safety features including reverse connect protection, short circuit prevention, overload protection and over-temperature protection.