Opinion: Why I Can’t Drive Without a Dashcam

We live in an age where technology offers us unprecedented safety nets in various aspects of life, and for me, one of the non-negotiables when hitting the road is a reliable Dashcam. In an ideal world, we would all abide by the rules of the road and take responsibility for our actions, but experience tells us that this is not always the case—hence, my unwavering stance: dashcams should be as essential as seatbelts when driving.

The Indispensable Eyewitness

Imagine encountering a situation where your vehicle is hit by another road user in a locale as benign as a shopping center parking lot. Now, visualise the repercussions when the other party disputes liability, potentially facing hefty fines and skyrocketing insurance premiums. This exact scenario unfolded before me not too long ago, fortifying my belief in the vitality of onboard cameras.

It was a routine trip to the local woolies for groceries that escalated into a nightmare. A distracted driver collided into my car, and subsequently placed the blame at my feet, alleging I’d reversed into them. Chaos ensued, claims were made, and a lingering feeling of injustice accompanied me home.

Thanks to the silent witness mounted on my windshield, my dashcam, the narrative took an undeniable turn. I submitted the video evidence captured by my Dash Camera to the insurance company – real-time, unassailable proof of the other party’s fault. The result was more than vindication; it was a financial safeguard that prevented undue increases in my insurance premiums.

In the realm of “your word against mine”, a dashcam holds the power to tip the scales of justice in your favour. It provides a factual recount of events unmarred by human factors like poor memory or emotional bias.

The Case for Mandating Dashcams

Given the clear advantages of having a dashcam as part of a vehicle’s standard equipment, I stand firm in my advocacy for making them compulsory. Police and insurance companies increasingly recognise the irrefutable nature of the evidence a dashcam provides. It’s a step forward in fostering a culture of accountability on the road.

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A Story of Insurance and Integrity

Reflecting on my personal confrontation, I shudder at the thought of how differently the scenario might have played out without my dashcam. The disputed liability could have tainted my driving record, inflicted financial strain, and gouged my peace of mind. My dashcam served as an extension of myself – an impartial observant that fortified my claim and shielded me from an unjust outcome.

It is not merely about the protective bubble it creates for individual drivers; dashcams have the potential to contribute to a larger ecosystem of road safety. By discouraging dangerous driving behaviors and ensuring that all parties remain aware that their actions are recorded, we could well witness a drop in driving transgressions resulting in a safer environment for everyone on the road.


In conclusion, I cannot imagine, nor do I want to, a reality where I drive dashcam-less. The fundamentally indispensable role it serves as a guardian and truth-teller makes it an item just as critical as the key to ignition. So, while some may treat it as a preference, I declare it a universal necessity, essential for every vehicle and driver out there. Driving unfolds in seconds and memories can falter, but a dashcam? It tells the untainted story of the road every single time.