DashCam Captures Marriage Proposal

Who said dashcams were only useful for capturing road collisions, plane crashes, fake insurance scams, disputes and so forth? According to various news outlets online, an american man enlisted the help of his local police department to capture himself proposing to his girlfriend of four years after staging a dramatic fake arrest for an alleged outstanding warrant… yes talk about being clever!

The story goes like this.. Boy meets girl four years ago in a jail cell after both were arrested for drink driving offence/s upon being breathalysed (how romantic you may add). Fast forward to today, boy decides to incorporate the police with his master plan to propose to his girlfriend. Upon leaving a dinner party, the couple travel in their vehicle when police activate their lights and sirens directing driver to stop. After some heated, and staged confrontation which takes place, the officer pretends to arrest the male for an outstanding warrant.

Whilst male is apparently being cuffed, he takes out a ring and approaches the terrified girlfriend, gets on his knee and proposes. The shocked and confused girl in disbelief, stilling coming to terms of the ordeal responded to the proposal by saying, “No”.. Okay we’re lying, she said YES!. A very clever and creative proposition indeed. Now… some may be thinking, emergency services are useful after all! 🙂

But nothing in this world (and we mean nothing!), comes close to our favourite car camera footage of this fake insurance scam in Taiwan. Is it staged? absolutely. Is it clever? hell no!

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