DashCam Captures Malicious Damage

At some stage of our lives we would of come across those people who have utilised and deliberately taken advantage of the visitor parking bay of a townhouse or apartment complex. Visitor bays are reserved for well.. guests, temporary visitors and not residents. What better way to vent your frustration then to covertly damage those vehicles by leaving a nasty message? Well this particular resident in Canada did just exactly that!. What he didn’t realise was, a stationary vehicle not far away equipped with a dash camera (dashcam) was capturing his every move. The footage shows a number of cars getting keyed by this particular person.

We thought it would be of interest to share this article and to highlight the value of car cameras to demonstrate these recordings can be of evidentiary value and offer incriminating evidence for police to prosecute those who break the law. In this scenario, the subject is depicted maliciously damaging parked vehicles. Moral of the story is big brother is watching, and there are more appropriate means to raise these issues. Oh.. not to mention he was the Chairperson for the building’s strata corporate body!.

[youtube width=”700″ height=”360″ video_id=”nYOLlbJ0VtM”]

Story Extract
“This guy has keyed so many cars in his building, my cousin bought a dash cam and caught the guy red-handed! He even stares right into the camera for a great picture! [2:42] The perpetrator is the strata council (like a homeowners association in the U.S.) chair for the building!! BTW your information has been passed over to the police and your strata council. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYOLlbJ0VtM&feature=youtu.be
You can compare the video of him to a picture on a car dealership’s facebook page.

Read the full story here. Believe it or not, the person resigned from as the Chairperson (like really?? who would of thought!) 🙂

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