DashCams: The Random Acts of Kindness

Bet you’re thinking this will be another article on Russians and their DashCams. Well.. you’ve guessed right!… but nothing brutal, outrageous, dangerous or silly to the likes of capturing a marriage proposal in front of a police dashcam or idiots running in front of cars seeking to claim monetary compensation.

If you haven’t figured out by now, there are countless car camera videos uploaded everyday pertaining to the crazy drivers and numerous roadway incidents that occur almost daily within the lawless roads of Russia. Surely enough, makes one wonder are these people really inhumane? or is there really another positive side to these individuals. Well there is.. we thought It would be interesting to show a russian compilation video of actual dashcam footages showing ‘good people’ engaging in random acts of kindness. From helping the elderly cross the road to some bloke (with super human strength) lift up a trapped car in the snow

Warning: If you’re after anything dangerous or outrageous then unfortunately you will be quite disappointed. This video is only for the soft hearted. Do get yourselves some tissues and prepare to shed a tear or two. Enjoy!

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  1. Eddy Billic

    Love the dashcams video. It’s nice to see a positive outlook in different societies where people actually look out for each and not consumed by greed or violence. I didn’t get what you meant by super human strength until I saw that part. Very funny lol.

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